Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Health Benefits from Shrimp and Prawns

People looking for healthy eating options should try out places that offer the best seafood in Monterey, particularly those that serve Monterey Bay spot prawns. Shrimp and prawns known to be one of the healthiest seafood varieties, offering many benefits, including the following:

Muscle Energy

A serving of shrimp or prawns contains nearly 18 grams of protein, or around one-third of the recommended daily allowance, which is essential for muscle fiber and immune system development. You can make up for the rest with other delectable food items, such as lean meat. Zinc and iodine also aid the thyroid gland by regulating metabolism, which may then result in better weight control. 

Nerves of Steel

Shrimp or prawn meals may aid in bolstering your nervous system through a strong vitamin intake. Their meat contains up to 21.1% percent of the RDA for Vitamin B12, which helps in the functioning of nerves. A serving of shrimp also contains almost 10% of the Vitamins A, E, and B6 needed by the body every day.


Eating a healthy dose of shrimp can give you a youthful glow, thanks to its Omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin contents, which act as strong antioxidants. Zinc also helps stimulate the production of fresh hair and skin cells.

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