Friday, May 15, 2015

Best Monterey Restaurants on the Perks of Dining at Fisherman's Wharf

With its rich history and culture, Monterey has so much to offer. Among those are its gorgeous sights and amazing food found right at its heart, the Fisherman’s Wharf. Domenico’s on the Wharf is one of the most well-known fine dining restaurants to the locals and tourists alike. Our cozy establishment is regarded as one of the best Monterey restaurants for our hospitality, relaxing ambiance, and mouthwatering food. To give you an idea of what to expect when you come down for a great meal, here are some of the perks of dining at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Fresh Catch of the Day Since Domenico’s on the Wharf is located near the waters, we get to have our pick of the freshest catch of the day right off the docks. This way, we get to cook up some dishes that are great no matter the season. We always have a great supply of Monterey Bay spot prawns, Alaskan Red King crabs, and Dungeness crabs, which our patrons can enjoy anyway they want.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Monterey Seafood Restaurants Welcome Visitors from All Over the World

The state of California has been a shining example of what a diverse society should look like for many years, ranking second among the most diverse states in the U.S. The state is practically a melting pot of races from just about every corner of the world, giving the unique characteristics that make tourists and visitors feel at home. Like all the best Monterey seafood restaurants, Domenico’s On the Wharf aims to uphold this noblest of traditions by welcoming international guests and visitors from all over the world with open arms. The Rich History of Monterey Monterey has always been blessed with an abundance of wildlife, fish, and other natural resources which made it very attractive for many people looking to settle in in the days of old. That explains why Monterey is home to many of the most famous restaurants in the country. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is a Spanish explorer who has the honor of being the first Euro-American to ever set foot on the bay.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monterey, California: Fun and Food Adventure

When you have a free weekend and hope to have a great time, why not take a drive down to Monterey, California? The coastal region has a lot of sights for you to see and experience. In fact, here are a few sweet spots that you can visit and enjoy:

Point Lobos State Reserve

Located near Carmel, the Point Lobos State Reserve provides any nature lover a lot to see. Granite cliffs hanging above a turquoise sea are just one of the striking sights of the place. Caves and ponds are other examples. The marine life in the area is also a draw; sea lion, otters, and other animals make their home there.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Alaskan King Crab’s Natural Habitat

Alaskan King Crabs are perhaps the most prized possessions of the sea, as they are known to make a sumptuous seafood dish, thanks to their succulent white meat. Like most good things, however, these creatures of the sea are also one of the most difficult to find along Monterey and in other places.

Usual Habitat

Alaskan Red King Crabs are usually found along shallow coastal waters that are less than 200 feet deep, provided that these have flat and sandy or muddy terrains on the ocean floor; the same holds true for their cousins, the Blue Crabs. Golden King Crabs, meanwhile, are more adventurous, as they tend to inhabit deeper waters, reaching as deep as 1,600 feet under water, yet they could also be found anywhere between 650 feet and 1,300 feet. They also prefer soft corals and boulders as their habitats.