Sunday, February 22, 2015

Domenico’s – Your Premier Family Friendly Restaurant in Monterey

Featuring delectable dishes for both children and adults, and beautiful yet entertaining views of the majestic open sea (you’ll likely spot sea lions sunbathing nearby!), Domenico’s On the Wharf is one of the best places to eat in Monterey with kids. Our family friendly restaurant has been a local favorite for over 33 years and is well-known for its outstanding customer service to families and their children. Our sustainably sourced ingredients - cooked with love and brought as scrumptious dishes to our guests’ tables - make Domenico’s one of the best, kid-friendly Monterey seafood restaurants.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Putting the Spotlight on Spot Prawns

California’s Monterey Bay is treasured for its bountiful marine life, and is a popular destination for seafood lovers. One thing in particular keeps them coming back: the spot prawn.

Spot prawns, despite their name, are actually shrimps, and are the largest ones in the West Coast. With pale orange shells, snow-white flesh, and lengths that can exceed 23 cm, spot prawns live 700 feet (213 meters) deep in canyons, yet are still prey to reef fishes and commercial fishers (through traps and nets). Another notable thing about spot prawns is that they change their gender from male to female as they grow, and can live up to four years.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Monterey Restaurants, Attractions, and Lodgings Make for a Great Time

If you’re a San Francisco resident who desires a vacation that has all the bases covered, Monterey, CA may be the one that fits the bill. Think about it: fine dining at leading Monterey restaurants, a bevy of activities, and quality accommodations all waiting to pamper you to no end. It may be the respite you and your loved ones need after a long grind at work or school. SheKnows contributor Karen Miner says learning about the attractions and where else to go in the city will help maximize your trip time. Monterey Bay’s lush Pacific Coast location tugs at the traveler in you who wants a healthy serving of marine bounty. That’s where Italian seafood restaurants in Monterey, CA like Domenico’s on the Wharf come into play. They offer the finest-quality seafood dishes served by the most courteous and competent staff you can ever find.